Based in Berlin & Innsbruck

Manuel Zoller (1990) born and raised in Innsbruck, Austria.

Currently, he is moving between Berlin and Innsbruck.

For him, cinematography and photography has always been a creative outlet and a fascinating opportunity to depict reality or fiction. Especially to implement outstanding projects within a crew.

Manu has a passion for the film’s analog clock jump, moving images, as well as still photography. The enthusiasm for a camera and the tasks associated with it, began early through the influence of skate, graffiti and music videos.

The attention to detail in his pictures and his warm-hearted aura on set, make Manu’s pictures unique.

His clients include brands such as Apple, Nike, Amazon, Porsche, Sony, Adidas, Red Bull, BSTN, Snipes. In addition, he has already worked with personality’s including Dennis Schröder, Max Verstappen, Loredana, Luciano, Sadio Mane, Sido, Shirin David, Ufo361 and many more. 

Behind the scenes